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UV Resistant Aluminium Sheet Fire Rating Anti Corrosion Nontoxic acp panel aluminum composite outdoor

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UV Resistant Aluminium Sheet Fire Rating Anti Corrosion Nontoxic acp panel aluminum composite outdoor


Model Number : 1220*2440MM 4MM

Certification : sgs ISO acp panel aluminum composite outdoor

Place of Origin : China acp panel aluminum composite outdoor

MOQ : 360-1200meter square

Price : negotiable

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability : 30000 Meter square /day

Delivery Time : 15-20days

Packaging Details : wooden package

Panel Thickness : 3mm 4mm 5mm acp panel aluminum composite outdoor

Alu thickness : 0.5mm,0.4mm,0.3mm

Width : 1220mm(regular),1250mm,1300mm,1500mm,1570mm,1575mm(Maximum)

Standard size : 1220(Width)x2440(Length)x3mm(Thickness);


Core material : ( Normal non toxic polyethylene, one side unbroken polyethylene, two side unbroken polyethylene, virgin LDPE, ) B1 non-combustible mineral filled core,A2 non-combustible mineral filled core


Standard : According to China National Standard GB/t 17748-2008

material : Pearl White 4mm 0.3mm FIRE-RATED Aluminum Composite Material B1 And A2 Grade

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Pearl White 4mm 0.3mm FIRE-RATED Aluminum Composite Material B1 And A2 Grade

Aluminium composite panels are to be composed of non-combustible mineral filled core
sandwiched between two skins of 0.5mm thick aluminium sheet. The aluminium alloy is
to have a yield strength of 15.5kg/mm2 and flexural elasticity of 7000kg/mm2 .

1. Material composition

MEGABOND™ is an Aluminum Composite Material acp panel aluminum composite outdoor(ACM) for the construction industry worldwide. It is not only a reasonable alternative to solid aluminum sheet, but also an individual material characterized by its own unique features. Its lightweight, high rigidity, excellent flatness and long lasting coating qualities are just what the construction industry has been looking for.

MEGABOND™ /fr is an aluminum composite material (ACM) with a fire-retardant core suitable for exterior and interior cladding, soffit linings and roof covering in new buildings and retrofit applications.

MEGABOND™A2 is an aluminum composite material (ACM) with a high fire-retardant core suitable for exterior and interior cladding, soffit linings and roof covering in new buildings and retrofit applications.

MEGABOND™, MEGABOND™/fr, MEGABOND™ A2 are often simply referred to as “MEGABONDs” or “MEGABOND products” in this brochure, if the context is applicable to both products. We will use the respective MEGABOND, MEGABOND/fr, MEGABOND A2 if we need to mention each of them separately.

The core of MEGABOND is black and those of MEGABOND/fr, MEGABOND A2 are gray or white containing a mineral. Thus, we can discern each product by appearance. The total thickness is 3, 4 and 5mm.

Fig. 1-1 Composition of MEGABONDs

Topside of MEGABONDs is finished with a paint called LITONG™-based fluoropolymer paints as standard and backside is finished with a thin polyester coating (wash coating) or a service coating. The topside is covered with a protective Film.

Total thickness: 3, 4 and 5 mm ( MEGABOND, MEGABOND/fr and MEGABOND A2),

2.Production process

The production process of MEGABONDs consists of two production lines: a coil coating line and a laminating line. In the coil coating line, LITONG-based fluoropolymer paints are applied to continuous aluminum coils. In the laminating line, the low-density polyethylene or the mineral-filled core is laminated between two coated coils, resulting in the finished composite material.

After laminating, the finished products are packed in wooden cases and shipped to customers’ workshops. Thus, MEGABOND products are shipped as flat panels and processed in local workshops according to project drawings.


MEGABONDs have a number of unique features:

Flatness: The continuous laminating process results in excellent flatness of the panel.

Color uniformity: The coil coating process ensures complete color consistency.

Rigidity: As one of the attributes of ACM, MEGABONDs are light and strong sheet materials, reducing the weight by 9% (MEGABONDA2) or 15% (MEGABOND/fr) compared to solid aluminum sheets with equivalent rigidity.

Workability: MEGABONDs are easy to cut, bend, groove and shape with regular aluminum working and woodworking machines and tools.

Fire safety: With the fire-retardant core, MEGABOND A2 and MEGABOND/fr meet fire code requirements in several countries including Europe, North America, Middle East and Japan without any restrictions.


(2)MEGABONDs are very flat. Generally speaking, ensuring the flatness of sheet materials is not easily realized. Solid aluminum sheet, for example, has a slight distortion stemming from its rolling process: buckles, edge waves and overall warping are common.

MEGABONDs are extremely flat due to the thinness of the aluminum sheets (0.5mm) and our lamination process in which most of such distortions are eliminated.

(1) Rigidity

MEGABONDs are highly rigid compared to solid aluminum metal sheets. As shown in Fig. 1-4, two sheets of aluminum skin behave like a small H-section when pressure is applied on the panel. Consisting of 2 sheets of 0.5mm thick aluminum, MEGABONDs 4mm thick deliver the rigidity equivalent to an aluminum sheet of 3.3mm thick.

Table 1-1 Comparison of rigidity between MEGABONDs and solid aluminum sheet

Material MEGABOND Solid aluminum sheet Weight ratio Solid aluminum =100%
Thickness mm Weight kg/m2





MEGABOND A2 3 6.4 2.7 7.3 88%
4 8.1 3.3 8.9 91%
5 11.7 4.5 12.2 96%
MEGABOND FR 3 6.0 2.7 7.3 82%
4 7.6 3.3 8.9 85%
5 10.9 4.5 12.2 89%

Note 1: How to read the above table: MEGABOND /fr 4mm is equivalent to aluminum sheet 3.3mm in rigidity. Hence, the weight percent of MEGABOND to solid aluminum is 85%.

Note 2: MEGABOND A2 is heavier in weight than MEGABOND /fr due to high mineral content in the core.

(3) Workability

The workability of MEGABONDs is one of its outstanding features. It can be cut with circular saws. It can be folded after grooving with a groove cutter or a router. It can be bent with a 3-roll bender and press

brake. For joining, we can choose the most suitable method from several alternatives. For details, refer to Section 3 “Fabrication and installation.

Fig. 1-5 Tools and machines used for processing MEGABONDs

(4) Fire safety

MEGABON A2 MEGABOND/fr, MEGABOND A2 fire-safe materials which pass mandatory requirements for exterior and interior in several countries. Though the core material does contain a small amount of combustible polyethylene, the main ingredient of the mineral does not permit the proliferation of flame and restricts the development of smoke detrimental to evacuation activities.

MEGABONDs are composed of two aluminum skins which retard the spread of fire. Extensive fire tests have been performed on MEGABOND/fr, MEGABOND A2 in accordance with requirements in various countries. Refer to Section 2 Characteristics” for details.

Fig. 1-6 Examples of fire tests applied to MEGABOND/fr


CLASS B - (s1, d0)

Panel Thickness ----------------- (±) 0.2 mm 4.02MM 5.02MM
Weight of the Panel -----------------

≥ 7kg/m2 - 4mm

≥ 8kg/m2 - 5mm

7.2KG/M2 8.1KG/M2
Standard Width ----------------- (±) 2 mm 1000, 1250, 1500
Length ----------------- (±) 2 mm up to 6000 mm
Skin Thickness ----------------- (±) 0.03 mm 0.5 mm
Alloy / Temper ASTM B209 3003 H14 3003 H14
Reaction to Fire EN 13501-1 Class B, s1, d0 TBW 0300136.2

Surface Burning



(FSI) 25-0

(SDI) 450-0

FSI 15, SDI 30

Class A

FSI 15, SDI 40

Class A

Self Ignition

Temperature (ACP)

ASTM D 1929 Not less than 343˚C

SIT (783˚F) 417˚C,

FIT (779˚F) 415˚C

SIT (849˚F) 454˚C,

FIT (846˚F) 452˚C

Self Ignition

Temperature (CORE)

SIT (777˚F) 414˚C,

FIT (763˚F) 406˚C

SIT (777˚F) 414˚C,

FIT (763˚F) 406˚C

Exterior Non-Load Bearing

Wall Cladding Assemblies

As per standard

As per standard

TBW0300169.2 TBW0300118.2

4mm 5mm
Tensile Strength ASTM E8 172 - 221 N/mm2 205 - 218 N/mm2
Yield Strenth ASTM E8 Min. 145 N/mm2 206 N/mm2
Elongation ASTM E8 Min. 1.0% 3.40%
4mm 5mm
Peel off strength @ 180° ASTM D 1781 ≥ 10 kg/25mm 17.3 kg/25mm 17.3 kg/25mm
Shear Strength ASTM C 273 ≥ 3.2MPa 3.49 Mpa 4.35 Mpa
Tensile strength ASTM D638 Measure Value 43.9 Mpa
Yield Strength ASTM D638 Measure Value 34.3 Mpa
Elongation ASTM D638 Measure Value 3.82%
Modulus of Elasticity ASTM C393 Measure Value 19,600 Mpa
Flexural Strength ASTM D790-17 Measure Value 110.7 Mpa
4mm 5mm
Deflection Temperature ASTM D 648 ≥ 100˚C 189.8˚C 215.1˚C
Thermal Expansion EN 1999 1-1 Measure Value 94.8 µm/m˚C
Thermal Conductivity ASTM C 518 Measure Value 0.13 W/mK 0.10 W/mK
4mm 5mm
Type / Finish PVDF / FEVE PVDF / FEVE
Coating Thickness ASTM D 1400 ≥ 25μm ≥ 25μm
Weathering Resistance ASTM C 481

A. Shear Strength

B. Film Adhesion

C. Impact Resistance

A. 3.75 Mpa (after exposure)

B.1.Dry Adhesion - No removal of film

B.2. Wet Adhesion - No removal of film

B.3. Boiling Water - No removal of film

C. Impact Resistance - No removal of film

Corrosion Resistance AAMA 2605

A. Humidity Resistance

B. Salt Spray Resistance

A. No formation of blisters

B.1 Scribed - rating of 9

B.2. Unscribed - rating of 10

Abrasion Resistance ASTM D 968 Min 40 L/mil 43.9 L/mil
Pencil Hardness ASTM D 3363 Min HB > 3H
Film Adhesion ASTM D3359 No removal of film No removal of film nor blistering

Impact Resistance Test

50 kg-cm

ASTM D 2794 No removal of film No removal of film


Panel thickness standard unit 3mm 4mm 5mm 3mm 4mm 5mm
Alu thickness 0.5mm 0.5mm
core 70% Mineral Filling 93% Mineral Filling
weight Kg/m2 6 7 7.6 6.5 7.5 8.1
Section Modulus z DIN 53293 cm 3 /m 1.25 1.75 2.75 1.25 1.75 2.75
Rigidity EI DIN 53293 kNcm2/m 1250 2400 5900 1250 2400 5900
Modulus of Elasticity E EN 1999 1.1


Alloy EN 573.3 EN AW 1100/3003
Temper H12/H14
Tensile Strength EN 485.2 MPa Rm => 130
0.2% Proof Stress EN 485.2 MPa Rp0.2 => 90
Elongation EN 485.2 % A50 = > 5
Linear Thermal Expansion EN 1999 1.1 2.4mm/m at 1000 C temperature difference
Finish Coil Coated Fluoropolymer (PVDF or FEVE)
Gloss EN 13523.2 Finish Dependant - Standard = 30 - 40%
Pencil Hardness EN 13523.4 HB - F
Acoustic Properties
Sound Absorption factor as ISO 354 0.05
Sound Transmission Loss Rw EN ISO 140.3 dB 27 27 27 27 27 27
Loss Factor d EN ISO 6721 0.004 0.005
Thermal Properties
Thermal Resistance R DIN 52612 m2K/W 0.006 0.009 0.0151 0.002 0.003 0.005
Thermal Conductivity l DIN 52612 W/mK

0.33/mm thickness of core

1.00/mm thickness of core

Heat Transition Coefficient U DIN 4108 W/m2K 5.68 5.58 5.34 5.83 5.80 5.71
Temperature Resistance 0 C '-50 up to +80
Fire Behaviour
Australian Fire Classification




UV Resistant Aluminium Sheet Fire Rating Anti Corrosion Nontoxic acp panel aluminum composite outdoor

Cert. No. GM CM 30070

Type A and B Constructions

Mechanical fixing

Type C Constructions

Mechanical and tape fixing

AS ISO 9705 Group 1 Material Group 1 Material
EN13501.1 B-s1-d0 A2-s1-d0
BS-8414 Test data available

Sheet Sizes

Widths: 1250mm & 1575mm held in stock. 1000mm, 1500mm and special widths 1750mm & 2050mm available as project order.Note: 1750mm width requires minimum 2000m2 order. 2050mm width requires 6000m2 order and cannot be mixed with standard width colours.

Lengths: 2500mm, 3200mm & 4000mm held in stock. Other lengths up to 10,000mm available as project order.

Surface Finishes

Standard Colour Range; Spectra Colour; Sparkling Effect ;Anodized Look ; Urban Design; NaturAL;NaturAL Finesse ;Design Decor;Terra

High quality Fluoropolymer finishes (PVDF and/or FEVE) with optimum UV & weathering properties are used exclusively.

Non standard custom colours are available subject to minimum quantity requirements.

Solar Reflective Indices (SRI) and Light Reflective Values (LRV) for most of the above finishes are available upon request.

Environment, Health & Safety

During the life cycle of MEGABOND no substances containing CFC, VOC’s are released. The core material does not contain any Nitrogen, Chlorine or Sulphur.Guangzhou Xinghe decorative material co,.ltd were one of the first companies to develop its own environmental management systems which is regularly audited by independant auditorsand is certified to EN ISO 14001 All MEGABOND finishes are RoHS compliant and contain no Lead, Cadmium, Mercury or Chromium.

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